Student Activities Office


Student Activities

Mission: We, the staff of the Student Activities Office, are privileged to provide information, support, and guidance in a friendly, caring, and professional manner in order to promote a positive and rewarding college experience for all prospective and current students.

Student Activities: Coordinates the activities sponsored by campus clubs, schedules special student events, provides information on student recreational activities, and supervises the Student Senate, Ambassadors, Diversity Council, Interclub, and Eagle Hall.

Housing Services: Oversees Eagle Hall and Northview Apartments, maintains on-campus housing records/reservations, and provides referrals for off-campus housing.

Student Assistance: Student Assistance provides information and resources to assist students who encounter difficulties during their college experience.

The Student Activities Office offers a variety of services to students at the College of Southern Idaho, including housing, dormitory and food services; student assistance programs; and activities for students. In this office, we maintain all on-campus housing and food service records as well as provide referrals for off-campus housing, and we can answer most questions regarding housing issues. Additionally, our office provides information and resources to assist students with difficulties, both personal and institutional, they may encounter during their college experience. Finally, the Student Activities Office coordinates the activities and events sponsored by student clubs and organizations, as well as advises and oversees many student government organizations. We look forward to working with you to make your college experience the best that it can be!

College is more than going to class, studying and taking exams. It is also an opportunity to grow as an individual and discover who you are. Being involved in activities beyond the classroom is an important part of your college experience. At the College of Southern Idaho various campus event and student organizations provide opportunity to meet new friends, pursue recreational or educational activities, gain valuable leadership experience or just connect with others who share your interests. Some of your best memories of college will be the interesting events and fun filled activities you will enjoy outside class!

Student Senate is the governing body of the Associated Students of CSI and provides a means of communication between the college’s students and its administration regarding educational improvements, student-faculty relations and student life. The senate annually sponsors student activities and entertainment events at CSI. Elections are held each fall for incoming freshman and in the spring for continuing students.

Ambassadors represent the college in a public relations capacity by giving campus tours, assisting with future student recruitment, promoting campus activities, and serving as “listeners” for student problems and concerns. Members are selected by interviews, which are conducted each fall.

Intramural Sports are open to all students not participating in intercollegiate athletic programs and offer a broad range of sports including flag football, softball, basketball, volleyball, billiards, bowling, raquetball, skiing, and golf. Most intramural programs are open to both men and women and many teams are co-ed.

CSI Challenge Course is the largest pole course west of the Mississippi. The course has a series of high and low experiential elements that students and community groups use to promote teamwork, motivation, communication, and goal setting. For more information, contact the Office of Student Affairs at (208) 732-6224.


Contact Information:
Location: 2nd floor of Taylor Administrative Building, in the Student Union
Phone: 208-732-6224 or 800-680-0274, ext. 6224
Fax: 208-736-4705