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 CSI Student Print Quota     


Students are allowed to print up to 500 sheets from a black and white printer per semester without charge. Printouts on color laser printers are charged the equivalent of five black and white sheets (see Color Printing below). Students can purchase 250 additional sheets for $10, payable at any CSI cashiering station. The cashiering stations are notably in the Taylor Administration Building, the Canyon Building office, the Burley and Gooding Centers.

Printing quotas will be reset to a specific designated page quota at the beginning of each semester. For the school year 2011-2012, the page quota will be set to 500 pages. Summer Semester students are allotted 250 sheets instead of the normal 500.  Any unused quota will be lost at the start of each semester. When a user uses up their quota, all further print jobs will automatically be deleted without printing. If your print job exceeds your balance, your print job will automatically be deleted without printing.

Please allow next business day after purchasing additional pages for your balance to be updated.

A current balance can be found running in the Windows system tray of the computer desktop. The balance will be updated as soon as your print job finishes.

Color Printing

    New color laser printers are available for student use in the Library open lab. Additional color printers may be found in Aspen 144 and Burley A25. Each page printed on these color laser printers is charged the equivalent of five black and white sheets.