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Summer Openings

Location: Evergreen A-32 Department: Agriculture - Horticulture
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Chance Munns   (732-6431)
Hours: Salary: $8.00
Description: The advertised work study position will be responsible for plant nursery cleaning and maintenance as well as shed maintenance and small garden irrigation and upkeep. This person will also arrange with the other work-study times when they can schedule greenhouse maintenance. Other optional projects may include, transplanting plants in greenhouse, cleaning equipment, organizing materials, planting outside, weeding, tool repair, and other facility preparations for next semester.
Location: Evergreen A16 or Evergreen A28 Department: Physical Science
How to Apply: In person, by phone or by e-mail Contact/Supervisor: Steven Korecki   ( 732-6423)
Hours: Salary: $8.00
Description: Lab Assistant - Wash dishes; maintain counter tops and general cleanliness of the lab, and any other jobs as needed. This is a position that does not require any previous knowledge of chemistry, but one semester of chemistry is a plus. Training is provided.
Location: Evergreen ISBDC C-77 Department: Idaho Small Business Development Center
How to Apply: Email Contact/Supervisor: Bryan Matsuoka   (208-732-6451)
Hours: Salary: $8.00
Description: This position provides certification as an Idaho Small Business Development Center professional. The certification is issued through our state office at Boise State University and would be a positive addition to any resume. Certification topics includes confidentiality, communication skills on a 1 to 1 basis, services of the Idaho SBDC, and services of other State programs as well. As a representative of the Business Development Center, you will have access to business seminars and networking opportunities with the business community. Email resume and excel attatchment showing possible work schedule to with subject line work-study. Prefer that student has experience using Microsoft Outlook and Word. Availability to work over spring and winter breaks.