Web Committee

The CSI Web Committee was convened in 1999 on the request of President Meyerhoeffer in order to help CSI develop, maintain and continually improve its web presence. The CSI website and other online resources and services are mission critical for the College, and committee members work toward ensuring that these strategic resources are full utilized to develop and enhance the College's interactions with current and prospective students, faculty and staff, alumni, and community members. The mission of the committee is tied closely to the College's strategic plan and objectives.

Committee members meet to discuss web related issues, receive updates on various projects and initiatives, and provide input concerning the current state and future directions of the CSI website and other online resources and services. They serve as liaisons among various stakeholders (CSI students, faculty and staff) and ITC staff responsible for web development. Their input is crucial in ensuring that the website effectively meets existing needs of our current users as well as anticipates future needs.

Committee Chair: