Business Office

Business Office

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Accounts Receivable

Contact Person:    Maria Anderson
Phone:                  (208) 732-6212

Inquiries may be made regarding refunds, tuition waivers, county billings, and third party tuition billings.

Accounts Payable

Contact Person:    Wendy Gates or Judi Winkle
Email:          or
Phone:                  (208) 732-6208 or (208) 732-6211

Inquiries can be made regarding vendors, purchasing, employee reimbursement, travel approval/vouchers, check runs, forms, & other payment information.


Contact Person:    Dannette Starr
Phone:                  (208) 732-6270

Inquiries can be made regarding payroll, timesheets, due dates, hiring information, benefit information, and pay dates.

General Ledger/Reports

Contact Person:    Tina Standlee or Shelly Jones
Email:          or
Phone:                  (208) 732-6205 or (208) 732-6213

Inquiries regarding general ledger transactions, journal entries, departmental reporting, & budgets.

Grant Management/Budgets

Contact Person:    Magan Hodges
Phone:                  (208) 7332-6216

Inquiries regarding grant management, department set-up, grant guidelines & approval, match information, & budgeting.

Other Helpful Contacts:


Contact Person:    Angela Ursenbach
Phone:                  (208) 732-6575


Contact Person:    Sarah Danielson
Phone:                  (208) 732-6226

Our Location and Contact Information:
Taylor Building 1st Floor
Phone: 208-732-6210 or 800-680-0274, ext. 6210
Administrator: Jeff Harmon
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